Our Services

Our Services

We serve you in any of the following three ways:

- We provide turnkey load testing services

- We rent or sell load testing equipment

- We provide trained personnel for preparation and operation of load testing.

Load Bank Service:

Our turnkey Load Bank services comprise the following four components:

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    Delivery and collection of equipment and accessories

  • Installation and dismantling of equipment

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    Trained Operators

  • Test Results

We have a systematic approach to conducting load testing procedures.

How do we work?

Our process comprises the following steps:


Site survey:

We conduct site surveys whenever there is a special project requirement, in order to ascertain if testing conditions are appropriate. We also take stock of challenges, if any.


Once all parameters are mutually agreed upon, we send the equipment and crew to conduct load tests. Our teams install power cables and conduct the tests at your site.


Detailed Proposal:

We maintain full transparency by giving a detailed proposal that provides clarity on all important considerations of the project.

Data Collection and Report Submission:

After successful completion of the tests, our analytics teams process the data and present test reports in a format acceptable to you.


Technical Meeting:

We conduct a technical meeting with your team to finalise the test plan and procedure as per your technical requirements. We can also follow the guidelines of classification society such as IEC, British standards, Lloyds, BV, etc.

Rental Services:

If you are required to conduct the load tests yourself, we provide free onsite consultation before sending rental equipment. As and when you need, especially during critical installations, we either provide trained operators or train your operators.