Our History

Our History

Our teams have seen many generations of mission-critical Generator technology that is used by our customers. We have built strong relationships in the shipping industry and are proud to have most of the leading shipyards on our customers’ list.

Over the years high capacity Generators are increasingly used by modern industries such as data centers. Each industry has unique requirements, and we have the expertise to fulfill their expectations when it comes to load-testing. 

Our team with over 20 years of experience consists of pioneers in load bank rentals. We have a proven know-how that gives us the cutting edge. When it comes to providing load testing services under challenging conditions – both onshore and offshore – we are the preferred vendor.

Over the years, we have completed many noteworthy projects. Here’s a partial list of some of the major ones:

Major projects

1.  IO Project Ang Mo Kio & Tuas South 5.5MW 11KV/433V 0.8PF 50HZ

2. IO Project 2.5MVA 400V 0.8PF 50HZ

3. PUB Project 3MVA 11KV/433V 0.8PF 50HZ

4. Caterpillar C280 Offshore Power Module 5.5MW 11KV/480V 0.8PF 60HZ

5. Google Project 3MVA 415V 0.8PF 50HZ

6. ST, Athena Project 2.5MVA 400V 0.8PF 50HZ      

7. Keppel FELS project B350 6.4MW 600V 0.8PF 60HZ

8. Keppel FELS project B366 9.80MVA 690V 0.8PF 60HZ

9. Keppel FELS project B378 9.75MVA 690V 0.8PF 60HZ

10. Keppel FELS project (Japan) M1179 21.9 MVA 11KV 0.8PF 60HZ

11. BCSS Jurong Island 2.75MVA 6.6KV 0.8PF 50HZ;

and various Data centers’ load-testing projects around the Island.