Our Values Proposition

Our Values Proposition

Why choose BlueDots?

Our customers choose BlueDots for a variety of benefits that add value to their business. Here’s a summary of some of them.

Consultative approach

We adopt a consultative approach to our services. We always believe in educating our customers by clarifying their specific queries about logistics, technical and project management issues in a test project. Moreover, we proactively suggest ways to extract the best results from every load testing project. 


No two load testing projects are alike. Multiple variable determine the exact deliverables. We conduct a site survey before we initiate a project, in order to develop a clear understanding of the project requirements. Our vast experience allows us to resolve any contingencies quickly without affecting the time or cost estimates. 

Assured Pricing

We offer pricing only after examining your project from every possible angle. This approach makes our bids not only competitive but also gives a sense of certainty about the cost vis-a-vis deliverable. We do our best to avoid tricky situations in which there is a steep cost escalation after commencing the work.

On-time Completions

We commit to project completions timelines after thoughtful consideration of all impinging factors. Our experienced project managers then ensure that we strictly adhere to time commitments. 


There is nothing hidden in our services. We are open to conducting the tests in the presence of many witnesses and stakeholders such ship/rig owner’s representatives, shipyard representatives, insurers, marine classification.